Hidden Truffles Co-Founder, Sai Sudha, in conversation with Yeone Fok of SparkRaise


Sudha: What motivated you to start SparkRaise ?

Yeone: I think my answer is different each time. I of course enjoy raising funds for innovators and startups. And I’ve been doing that while working with corporates like J.P.Morgan. I now enjoy helping people with creative ideas and help raise funds at smaller levels


Sudha: What would be the most useful advice given to you when you started?

Yeone: The most useful piece of advice I received from anybody was “Don’t listen to any advice from anybody”. Hear out everything that people have to say, because people have a lot to say. But at the end of the day that doesn’t mean that you have to do everything that everyone says. Hear their advice and then make-up your own mind.


Sudha: Perfect! Very comforting reply. You run a Crowdfunding platform. What do you think is the least understood aspect of crowdfunding?

Yeone: Crowd funding can be in many different forms. Typically crowdfunding comes in 4 different platforms. But when people hear crowdfunding they often think it means “investment”. That they’re investing in a company in return for equity stocks. Crowdfunding doesn’t have to be that necessarily. Many high profile names in Crowdfunding such as Kickstarter primarily do what’s called a reward’s-based program. In principal it’s what large corporates do. Taking small amounts of money from a large group of people to pre-sell often times product or a specific idea; which isn’t an investment.


Sudha: What is the most memorable business idea that has got successfully funded on SparkRaise?

Yeone: My memory is only as good as the last one launched. There would be two of them launching tomorrow. One is called Travel Book it’s a travel community app and they are fundraising USD2000. http://www.sparkraise.com is the website where all such ideas looking for support can be found. The other one is being run by GENUS. They’re fundraising USD3000 to provide English lessons for under-privileged children in Yat Tong at Lantau Island.


Sudha: What’s the worst pronunciation you would’ve heard of your name? Everybody goes through 3-5 iterations. I went through three iterations before being told the correct pronunciation. What’s the worst you’ve heard?

Yeone: Actually I don’t even know what the correct pronunciation is? As long as I know they’re referring to me that’s enough!


Author: Rena Ahuja
Rena is a budding freelance Digital marketer. Reach her at ahuja@renaahuja.com/ renaahuja@gmail.com if you are looking to brainstorm tacks to increase social media engagements and website traffic for online businesses. You can also find her at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rena-ahuja/


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