Big businesses spend a lot of money on advertising to get you into their stores, and at times, a new product or huge sale can seem irresistible. While small and locally owned businesses can’t dish out as many dollars for advertising, sometimes the best and most truly unique items are sold right in your neighborhood. At Modernize, we love to shop local, and here are a few reasons we find it so rewarding.

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Make a Difference in Your Community

Local businesses do more for communities than corporations, such as contributing to local causes and sustaining historic and modern town centers. That old-town charm you love about your city? It wouldn’t be there without local businesses linking neighbors together through commerce, which establishes important economic and social connections.

When you decide to shop locally, you’re also deciding to invest your money into your own economy. Local business owners love your town just as much as you do, so they are more likely to contribute toward local causes that may be missed by larger companies.

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Contribute to Great Careers

Small businesses usually pay higher wages than big businesses, which means your friends, family and neighbors earn make a more comfortable living as an employee of a local business. Due to the shorter commute, employees of local businesses have more personal time and establish a better work/life balance.

So when you’re headed over to your favorite boutique, you can smile knowing that your purchase is helping a single parent make a living, or perhaps helping a veteran fly out to see his or her children.

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Find a Unique Treasure

Small businesses encourage competition amongst each other in a way that big businesses don’t. Supply and demand will drive down prices, so you can actually afford that totally unique item you found and instantly fell in love with.

Local businesses also offer more unique products that aren’t mass-produced and might even be handmade or eco-friendly. You won’t have to worry about attending a special event and discovering several others wearing the same outfit you were so excited about.

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Support the American Dream

Entrepreneurship is a beautiful thing, and something that our country centers itself around. Supporting local businesses means supporting individuals and families who want to create their own wealth and have more flexibility to invest and donate their revenue.

Local business owners are innovative, which means you’ll find high-quality, unique products and constant expansion. These individuals are hard working and usually establish great bonds with their customers through quality customer service and conflict resolution.

So the next time you’re thinking about where to eat, shop or play, check out a local business and keep the American Dream alive!

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