It is that time of the year again. We are all scrambling to get a million things done before you get onto that long flight back home for the summer. If this is not your first trip back home, we are sure you have already been through all the usual suspects when it comes to gifting ideas.

In all that excitement to meet olds friends and loving family, we want to enhance the moment for you with beautiful heart felt gifts. We understand you are pressed for time and still want to take back something meaningful. That is why we have put together the list of top 10 unique HK gifts for you to take back to your loved ones this summer!


The way to a woman’s heart is through jewellery (Source :HiddenTruffles Girls!) Sister, Mother, Friend, Aunt or niece – A gorgeous piece of jewellery is always eternal.


1. Pepite Boutique – If you wish to add some zing &french glam to your loves one’s accessory collection, then head to Pepite Boutique to pick up a stunning pair of their mono-colored semi-precious earrings. Sure to make heads turn.

2. Shikha S Lamba Designs offers you a wide range of gorgeous bespoke jewellery from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, wine charms, cufflinks (for dads, bros & uncles!). If you have a design in mind, Shikha can make it for you!

Others include Hilary Schwartz, Lavanya Collections and Fifth Avenue Collection.



3.  Fiona Paton Designs makes personalized art work serving trays using your tiny tot’s artwork, photographs or simply a painting or poster that you love. The pictures in the trays are 100% up-dateable all by yourself. We really can’t think of a more awesome gift for the longing grandma & grandpa. Awww!

4. Thinq HQ specializes in gifts, games and souvenirs that are HK themed. So that makes one for everyone. HK themed gift cards, memory games for kids,fridge magnets, HK wrapping paper, HK slam books etc

5. Pomelo Rice by Marieke provides HK themed art prints, illustrations and personalized art cards. With a touch of HK you can simply print your or your loved ones name on the card and gift them some HK!

6. Ya’s designs offers unique wall décor for any home. Personalize your house rules, granny’s house rule (aka Dessert comes first!), your child’s birth chart, wall mounted inspirational quote or simply your kids pictures with “ I love you” cloud to bring a smile on the granny’s/aunts face!

7. Zzzoom Photography offers not only awesome photography services , but some really cool HK themed funky picture décor for your wall. Nothing screams HK more than a vibrant HK wall décor

Others include Printissimo Home and Wrap designs



8. MLP – Who doesn’t like to be a princess? MLP makes super gorgeous affordable hand-made tutu dresses for your adorable princesses. Think of your favorite color and you have it. Comes in all colors. Matching headbands available too.

9Suite Works – Your friend just gave birth in Australia? Your sister is having a baby shower this month ? Worry not. Suite works makes the most amazing hand-made bibs, cozy blankies and little dresses for the kids. Names can be embroided on all items

Others include Tickled Pink Asia



10. Swedish Body care makes for the perfect gift for any woman who wants to take care of herself.  High-quality, affordable and extremely tempting soaps, gels, lotions, oils and  aroma candles – All handmade with love!

We hope you enjoyed our collections of HK’s 10 best summer gifts. Come back safe and recharged – Happy Holidays !

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