Hidden Truffles Co-Founder, Sai Sudha, in a discussion with Yilin Lou, founder of Simple Pieces


Sudha: How did your prior work experience help you while starting up Simple Pieces

Yilin: I think that my previous work experience was extremely helpful while starting up Simple Pieces. Right from sourcing talent, to financing, to looking for relevant suppliers, even the shipping box suppliers for that matter!


Sudha: What’s the most helpful tip to the audience and entrepreneurs here on networking?

Yilin: I’d say always try to be helpful.


Sudha: What goes around, comes around…Karma isn’t it! What Harvard lesson did you find most useful when you were starting out your business?

Yilin: This is a hard one! I don’t think anything specific to be honest. Even now when budding professionals ask me, “how worthwhile it would be to do an MBA?” for their start-up idea; sometimes I hesitate. In my opinion the MBA education is demanding and it’s hard to keep up with the speed and be an entrepreneur at the same time. More so, the environment of creating a company around the world differs. Like the kind of networks and connections needed to work in the USA vs. China vs. India are very different. So I don’t think MBA is mandatory if you want to start a company.


Sudha: Why did you choose to have teams in both Hong Kong and Shenzen as against having a single team in Hong Kong / Shenzen?

Yilin: That’s mostly because of the supply and availability of the talent pool. Talking of the Supply chain, most of them are in Shenzen and most of the selling platforms are now in China. So it’s easier to find such talent in China w.r.t coordination. This in addition to having a better market share opportunity in China.


Sudha: I’ve a very popular question which most of the entrepreneurs want to have an insight into. Was your website built in-house / outsourced?

Yilin: That’s a very good question! So our website was outsourced to a service-supplier in Hong Kong called Shopline. Looking at the local demographics here that shouldn’t be a problem. Shopline offers great service. Their basic service is sufficient. Only challenge being that their servers are in Singapore and China has blocked emails from Singapore as a region. So if you’re planning to expand into China; you need to lookout for such potential roadblocks


Sudha: Shopline allows you to build an online shop on their platform?

Yili: Yes. So basically they’re an in-house service providing infrastructure to help you build an e-commerce website. This’s on similar lines to Shopify.

Sudha: I have wanted to ask you since the longest time. What is the secret of your beautiful skin?

Yilin: Actually now I do have an answer to that one. I’ve recently started including La Mer oil into my daily skincare routine! I went to Beijing and my skin was fine there too, despite the polluted climate there.


Yilin:I’d like to introduce my business. My new project is Simple Pieces. Essential women’s wear. We have new wardrobe for women with new mind-set. I’m wearing my brand’s wide-leg pants. It’s a type pf wool, fabric is imported form Korea and its super affordable only HKD499. Our brand is very good at fitting we respect ladies’ actual body shapes there are seven sizes in this piece. Do visit our site http://www.simplepieces.com


Author: Rena Ahuja
Rena is a budding freelance Digital marketer. Reach her at ahuja@renaahuja.com/ renaahuja@gmail.com if you are looking to brainstorm tacks to increase social media engagements and website traffic for online businesses. You can also find her at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rena-ahuja/

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