Handmade Body-care Products


Handmade Body-care Products


Products: Soap bars, shower gels, creams, lotions, body oils etc.
Price Range: Starting from HKD 59

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Luxury, yet affordable body care products is what would aptlydescribe Swedish’s body care company. Rebecka is an artisanal entrepreneur who hand-makes in her kitchen, every body care product that she sells. Today her line includes – soaps, gels, hand soaps, oils, creams, make-up removers, candles, scrubs and balms. Every single productis hand-made and packaged by her with oodles of love and care for unparalleled bodies care magic!

Today a lot of us talk about organic foods that we consume, but there is still so little awareness about what we consume through our skin! The amount of harmful chemicals that went into making her soap and creams shocked Rebecka, and left her desiring for a safe chemical-free alternative. Thanks to all her hobbies in Sweden – she had the perfect mix of need, knowledge, enthusiasm and passion to make her own body care. She crafts her own sweet recipes and uses only the high-quality ingredients imported from Europe and HK. She currently sells at home in the evening and through fairs in the weekend. She works for retail merchandiser giant by the day.

Soap bar (Lavender & Lemongrass) : HK$ 69
Shower gel : HK$ 198
Hand-soap gel(Rose): HK$ 98
Lip balm(peppermint): HK$ 49
Hand cream (Lavender): HK$ 79
Eye-makeup remover: HK$ 79
Oil burner incense (Green tea & jasmine & ginger lily): HK$ 89
Soy Candle (Fresh Linen & Ginger Lily) : HK$ 110
Rejuvenating face oil : HK$ 89
Body lotion (lemongrass and lavender) : HK$ 210
Sea Salt Body Scrub (lemongrass or lavender): HK$ 198

Fun Fact:
Did you know it takes about 4-5 weeks to make one bar of soap? (Lets better not throw away those soap scrubs here after!)

Founder : Rebecka Lundin

Website : www.swedish-handmade.com
Email     : info@swedishandmade.com
Phone    : +852 67115740

To Order: Call her / Email her or visit her fairs


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