Think pink lemonades, think sundresses, think espadrilles. What’s not to love about summer, eh? Well, think dull skin, think frizzy hair, think parched lips. Sadly, like each coin has two sides, the splendid summers come with their fair share of beauty nightmares and aren’t we all far too familiar. A little extra care and attention though is sure to lift your look and your spirits .Here’s a few tips from us to make sure the sun shines brighter on you this summer.

1. Go Organic

Go Organic

So you like your berries and melons organic? You should. Research claims organic Foods have a lot more antioxidants than the regular variety. How about showing the same TLC to your skin? Your skin is a lot more exposed in the summer and functions at a higher degree. It is sure to benefit from a little organic love too.

Angela Wong’s line of organic skin care little things in life hk, is just what you are looking for. From the indispensable SPF to the quintessential lip balm, her skin care range is organic and fresh. She had us at private trials! Angela attempts to understand your skin and its needs before making recommendations. You know what that means? No surprise allergies!

2. Keep it Clean

Keep it Clean

Don’t blame your genes for that shiny face and huge pores. Thank the heat and the extra sebum secretion. Large pores spell havoc on your skin with clogged dirt, oil and bacteria. Always remove make up before bed and make cleaning a sacred ritual. Invest in a good facewash, exfoliant and toner. The exfoliant will help scrub out the dirt and oil and the toner should keep the pores in check.

We are huge fans of Swedish’s Handmade Body Care range right now. Rebecca Lundin sources top of the line ingredients from Europe to create an exquisite (yet affordable!) range of products from facial oils to body scrubs to soap bars-in her very own kitchen. We love the idea of a chemical free make up remover. A must have!

3. Keep it Fuss Free

Keep it Fuss Free

Nothing quite as disheartening, as a perfectly dolled morning face turning into a visible mess by noon. Again- thank the heat and the sweat. Keep it light and fuss free. Give your standard foundation a miss and put those tinted BB creams to work. Pick a sheer eye gloss over powdered shadows, and make best friends with waterproof mascara. Let your heavy rouges rest and go for tinted lip balms that color and moisturize.

Haven’t aced your summer make-up yet? Head to Smudge Make-up Artistry. With the best in training and years of experience, Jamie Smith is one of the best at what she does. So whether you want to steal the show at one special soiree or you want to perfect your summer face with a tutorial- Jamie will be happy to check it off your list.

4. Mane Concerns

Mane Concerns

The heat and humidity can make even the most fabulous wash and wear variety of hair look dull, brittle and lifeless. No matter how pressed for time- never skip the conditioner. For those dips in the pool, use a mix of water and conditioner to dampen your hair to keep them from absorbing chlorine. An occasional egg and olive oil mask and a beer wash will do your stressed tresses good too.

IF styling feels like an uphill task, head to Airplay Blowdry Bar– HK’s first blowdry hairstyling bar. Whether you are hitting the board room or the nightclub- they have hundreds of styles to choose from for any length of hair. With all styling at a standard HKD 230- try something new we say- over cocktails too!

5. Indulge


Face it- your skin does take a beating in the summer. So apart from your daily skin care routines- it’s a good idea to indulge yourself in an occasional spa treatment- whatever makes you feel good. A good old facial, a foot soak, a deep tissue massage aren’t just cosmetic treatments, but are known to be relaxing and de-stressing as well. Your skin is a reflection of your inner health-physical and mental.

Our indulgence this summer is Kyoko Owada’sFurong Salon. An interesting variety of beauty treatments blended with aromatherapy makes for a holistic approach to skin health. Aromatherapy has long been known to relieve stress, lift anxiety and improve quality of sleep as well. Add to that the benefits of a facial? We are on board!

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