Meet Rebecka Lundin, the founder of Swedish Handmade and a very well known and loved face in the pop-up markets of Hong Kong. With a passion for all things healthy, Rebecka expertly manages her time between 3 businesses founded by her and is an inspiration to all of us who are looking for the right balance in life.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and what brought you to Hong Kong?

I come from a Fashion Design background and was working as a designer in London for many years (I moved there from Stockholm). Soon enough, my adventure side kicked in, and as I had never been to Asia I thought Hong Kong would be a good start. Here I got into Sourcing and Product development in the clothing industry, working with some big retail companies.  The initial plan was to stay for a few years and then move on, but I fell in love with the place and it has now been 10years!

What was your inspiration behind starting Swedish’s Handmade ?

As I am from Sweden, recycling, eating healthy, exercising was already in my blood. However I was shocked at the time, how little people knew about healthy living and care about nature here. I come from a family who are all chefs and we eat and talk about food all the time (ha ha) so as I love to cook myself and mix different ingredients together, I thought why not try to create bodycare but without putting any preservatives, alcohol and other chemicals in there. It is all about having the mindset that your bodycare is a freshly made product. You should treat it just like food.

How do you manage to balance your time between your full time job and Swedish’s Handmade Bodycare ?

This is my passion and nothing makes me happier than when people love my products. It keeps me going, even if I have to cook soap in the middle of the night!  At the moment I’m doing this full time, and also have two other businesses. One is a Pilates/Yoga sock that I have designed myself, which is retailed in Sweden, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong ( and I am now also starting up a new business selling home accessories from China (vases, jam jars, lamps etc). It will be launched in April. Watch this space for Chinese Whisper ( )

What do you love most about being an entrepreneur in Hong Kong

There are so many opportunities! You can find everything here. Everyone is also extremely open and happy to share knowledge. All us small business owners help each-other all the time.

Challenges that you personally face when running your business and how to tackle it

Time, is never enough! I write lists…

Do’s and don’ts of having your own business

Don’t do it for the money. It has to come from your passion and you need to be proud of what you are doing.

Also, team up with other Entrepreneurs. You are more strong together than alone.

Some tips that you would like to share with budding entrepreneurs in Hong Kong

  • Always have a plan B. Never put all your eggs in one basket.
  • There is always an option! That has been my philosophy for years and it makes you more positive on anything you do in your life.
  • Don’t give up.
  • There is no thing as an easy ride, you need to embrace your challenges with enthusiasm and understand that they are there to teach you something.
  • Live life making the choice to be happy, and make other people happy!

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