Boutique French Jewellery


Boutique French Jewellery


Products: Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, Cuffs
Price Range: HKD 500 – HKD 3000

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Nuage Concept, founded by Chantal, is for all women who love to wear unique and quality jewels. It is an online boutique entirely devoted to French designers of luxury fashion jewelry and accessories. Chantal handpicks and carefully curates the best brands and products from designers who are veterans of top fashion houses such as Kenzo, Balmain or Hermes and choose to preserve traditional craftsmanship by working with the best artisans in France protecting traditional French savoir-faire. At Nuage Concept, it’s all about being unique so each piece comes in very limited quantity (only 1 to 4 pieces) and some are exclusively available on the site.

Chantal Plagie, a French-Asian born and raised in Paris started her career in consulting and audit. After living in Paris, London and Singapore, she decided to leave her overly comfortable corporate job to pursue her dream and passion – to establish her own brand and put her knowledge of the fashion industry and style into reality. Now relocated to Hong Kong together with her husband, Chris Yip, they decided to root their brand here to bring a piece of French luxury to this dynamic and trendsetting city. Chantal likes discovering new talents and unique products with the highest quality and best craftsmanship, but these small luxury products never come cheap in Hong Kong! With Nuage Concept, Chantal hopes not only to help rediscover exceptional collections created by skilled craftsmen but also to share and enjoy their universe, stories and inspirations and all that without the hefty price tag!

Products and Price Range:

Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, Cuffs from HKD 500 to 3 000

All jewels are sterling silver or brass-/925 silver-based and heavy gold-plated with 18K to 24K gold in France.

Designed and crafted in France

Contact Details:


Phone: +852 9177 7414



Instagram: Instagram/nuageconcept


Fun Fact: Chantal is a shopaholic who surfs fashion retail websites every night to help her sleep!

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