Next Chapter is a new rewards-based crowdfunding platform for female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses based in Hong Kong. Crowdfunding is a smart, popular and proven way for people to raise money online from their network of family-members, friends and even like-minded people they don’t even know yet – “the crowd” – to launch or grow a business. In return, a campaigner offers supporters “rewards”, without giving away equity in their company.

On the Next Chapter platform, campaigners will be able to raise funds, test the market viability and get valuable feedback about their products or services, leverage the power of social media and word-of-mouth marketing and build a community of enthusiastic fans.

Next Chapter, founded by Nicole Denholder an Australian who has lived in Hong Kong for 12 years, will focus on campaigns that are led by female entrepreneurs or have women as co-founders, from any kind of industry, including tech. Worldwide, women’s start-ups have less access to capital, and often don’t achieve the same level of long-term success as start-ups by men, even though women start the same number of businesses as men. Next Chapter wants to change that by increasing women’s access to funding and empowering them to take charge of their financial destiny, make a profit, thrive and inspire other women.

They will be doing a pilot launch in November at www.nextchapter.com.hk

book 3x copyOne of the first campaigns to be featured on the Next Chapter website is by Ms Elise Phillipson of Hong Kong-based company Run’em Ragged Limited. Phillipson is Dutch, and grew up and lives in Hong Kong. Via her Run ‘em Ragged brand, she plans to launch the company’s first book: ‘My HK Vehicles’.  This book has been two years in the making after noticing that there were no HK specific vehicle books to buy for her sons.  It is a hardback picture book that contains more than 150 photographs of all kinds of HK vehicles to keep young children entertained. It features the ships we can see in the harbour, airplanes and airport vehicles, GFS Helicopters, fire trucks, police cars and even bomb disposal robots! And because we live in Hong Kong it is also bi-lingual!

‘My HK Vehicles’ book is the first campaign to be launched on Next Chapter as part of the pilot launch.  Elise is using crowdfunding to launch the book, get feedback and raise funds to build a related product range of HK Vehicles such as a sticker book, board book.  HK$20 from each book goes to Operation Breakthrough, which uses sport as a means to help, rehabilitate and positively reinforce young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or families.

Elise will also be a vendor at the Hidden Truffles bazaar showcasing the book and her other products.

Other information:
If you would like to learn more about crowdfunding, Next Chapter also hosts a monthly, no-cost, face-to-face meetup, “HK Crowdfunding Salon for Female Entrepreneurs” (and men are welcome to attend). We have nearly 200 members! http://www.meetup.com/Crowdfunding-Salon-for-Female-Entrepreneurs/

In addition, Nicole will be running a ‘Crowdfunding 101’ training course at Paperclip on Thursday, October 29.  Details are in the attached link if you are interested in joining.

If you are interested in being featured in Next Chapter’s launch over the next three months, please contact Nicole at ndenholder@nextchapter.com.hk.  No fees will be charged for the first 5 campaigns.

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