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Artisanal, hand-painted, one-of a kind leather bags


Product: Genuine High Quality, artisanal hand-painted leather bags (totes, slings and more)

Price: HKD 1500-2500

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Meraki offers artisanal, hand-painted, one-of a kind leather bags that bring art from India into people’s lives with a focus on storytelling. The bags are sourced from India and China (the leather itself could be from Italy, India or China) and are hand-painted by traditional artists living in remote parts of India. The idea is to make art accessible to one and all and with something that you could use everyday, hence the bag!

Founded by the mother-daughter duo Vibha Gupta and Yosha Gupta, Meraki is a culmination of their passion for art and story telling. At Meraki, the Artists are the lifeblood of their work. Carrying their legacy forward which is steeped in history and to bring patronage and recognition back to these extremely talented artists is what drives them day in and day out.

You can find these unique little gems at and also at the store in Asia Society Hong Kong.

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