Organic Skincare Boutique


Organic Skincare Boutique


Products: Organic Skincare Products, Make-Up Items etc.
Price Range: Starting From HKD 47/Order Online

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Little Things In Life HK is an organic skincare boutique started by Angela Wong that brings handpicked organic products (catering specifically to sensitive skin) from all across the world. Her passion for sourcing quality skincare products was sparked by her need to address the requirements of her family that is allergic to a whole lot of things!

Each product undergoes a meticulous cycle of research and testing before being made available in HK. Angela initially conducts preliminary online research to identify products suitable for sensitive skin types in HK. She then gets samples to test them on her family and friends, thereby eliminating products that are not suitable for local conditions. She then includes only the best performing products in her boutique line. Due to its organic nature, Angela stocks smaller batches to ensure product quality and freshness. She also sources products based on people’s needs and requests.

Angela always makes it a point to understand the skin needs of her clients to recommend them the right productsto purchase from her online store. Customers are invited for private trial sessions to test the products before purchasing them. The products are stocked at her home in a bid to keep prices reasonable.

Product List
Sally B’s Skin Yummies – starts HK$ 47
Oasis Beauty- starts HK$180
Blissoma – starts HK$98
Kahina – starts HK$197
Victoria Garden Skincare – starts HK$180
Victoria Garden Baby – starts HK$160
100% Pure – starts HK$170

Fun Fact: Angela is a complete Math Geek!! She is really excited about the upcoming Simpson’s book containing tons of math jokes in it!

Angela Wong
Phone:  +852 98197676

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