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HK’s One Stop Travel Platform


Services: Travel Packages, Hotels, Flights, Car Rentals, City Tips, Tours & Activities,

Price: Amongst the Best Rates in HK !

E-Mail Now[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] is one travel platform that you definitely want to visit before planning your next vacation. It offers a plethora of services for all your travel needs.  Not only can you book hotels/flights/cars & tours seamlessly through the website but you can also get the best deals for travel packages from across multiple agents in HK. The comparison of travel packages across agents is a new concept introduced to the HK travel industry. The City tips section is something that will catch your eye as it gives the user crisp information about a city including some fascinating hidden gems for you to discover!

Dipti and Ekta, both of whom love to travel, explore new places, cultures and try new cuisines, are the founders of Lazysuitcase. With busy husbands, the hard task of figuring out the details of a trip, logistics and planning a good detailed vacation came onto their shoulders, and being an expat in Hong Kong didn’t make getting information from other resources any easier. That’s when the idea “Lazysuitcase” occurred to them. With Lazysuitcase, hours of reading online, language barriers with travel agents, asking friends for itineraries, or buying travel guides and books are all things of the past…

With paucity of time for everyone, Lazysuitcase is where planning is more fun and less work!!!

Travel Packages, Hotels, Flights, Car Rentals, Tours & Activities, City Tips etc. at very competitive pricing

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