And we have successfully concluded the 2nd Season of our HT Pitch Night (by Hidden Truffles and Spark Raise)! Our event put the spotlight on some real gems of the Hong Kong entrepreneurial circuit. Extending over a span of 2 days, the Pitch Night saw participants from various categories of small and home businesses of Hong Kong come together to learn from each other and share their own ideas and vision.


The Mentoring and Pitch Guidance Session


The first night of the event comprised of a Mentoring and Pitch Guidance session for all our participants. The event was graced by our wonderful mentors Yeone Fok (Founder: SparkRaise), Jami Gong (Founder: TakeOut Comedy Club) and Pete Gordon (Co-Founder: TicketFlap), who shared with our mentees some invaluable advice and their experience of running a successful Entrepreneurial venture in Hong Kong. It was a wonderful learning opportunity for our participants and they sure had a lot of valuable take-aways at the end of the night !


The Pitch Night Final

The final of the Pitch Night was conducted on 22nd November, with 6 finalists presenting their vision and entrepreneurial ideas to an eminent panel of judges. The business ideas presented on this night covered a wide range of categories which included a healthy eating cookbook for children, urban farming, organic wine distribution, specialized arts classes and art school, health and fitness made fun and a flexible taxi company idea for the elderly and disabled passengers. Needless to say, our judges were quite wowed by the sheer variety of ideas presented and the confidence with which these ideas were all presented J

The final winners of our event are as follows:

OneWholesomeMeal: A busy mother of two, Asmita started her entrepreneurial journey as a blogger looking to change the common misconception of Indian Meals being unhealthy and she set out doing just that one meal at a time J And thus began her journey to develop a wholesome meal plan for the family – balanced, healthy but varied and

tasty. Asmita is now looking forward to launch her own cookbook comprising of healthy meal plans for children.



City Hydroponics: In the urban jungle that is Hong Kong, lack of space is one of the key reasons cited for people not being able to maintain their own little green space. City Hydroponics is working towards solving this very issue through their hydroponic (growing in water) closed systems to help the urban residents grow their own food and other micro-greens without any gardens!

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