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Rosa founded Style-Proud to help women re-acquaint with themselves for who they really are so that they can express their authentic selves in confidence.
My clients include primarily: 40+ women who wish to reinvent themselves after some kind of transitiions such as returning to work, after a divorce or death of a spouse, post -operation, etc…fresh graduates who need help with dressing the part for job interviews, presentation, and improving their executive communication skills. Style-Proud is different from other Image Consultancy businesses in that we have ‘sustainable fashion’ in mind; shopping your own closet and treasure finds in charity shops for missing items are very much part of my work ethics. We encourage using your creativity in building a functional /interesting wardrobe and minimal buying.

Style-Proud makes being a stylish woman’s life easier and more economical, not to mention the confidence she gets from looking and feeling her best 24/7.

A short bio:

Rosa is passionate about helping women of all size and shapes build up their confidence through the art of dressing. As an advocate of sustainable fashion, she has the eye and knowledge to breathe life back into the dormant garments hanging in your closets by mixing & matching, colour combination, second hand finds, and making a statement with accessories to complete the look.

She is currently based in Hong Kong providing customized services including colour analysis, style personality, wardrobe management and personal shopping. She is also available for online consultation via Skype.

Check out her website: http://www.style-proud.com for detailed info.

Rosa has also started an online boutique where you can find her collection of clothing pieces handpicked from Australia, Europe and reliable wholesalers for women who have problem finding what suits and what not.

Check out her boutique: carousell.com/rosayourpersonalstylist/ and  get a free mini consultation before making a purchase.

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For a gift of confidence through fashion,

contact Rosa directly: wellbeing@netvigator.com

852-9645 8023

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