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HK’s pioneer in Fresh Goat Milk Soaps


Products: Fresh goat’s milk soap, organic soap, organic face care products
Price: Starting from HK$ 90


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Capra Latte is an organic handcrafted skincare company founded in 2010 to promote a nature-friendly lifestyle without having to compromise on luxury or pampering. In fact, Capra Latte is HK’s pioneer in offering exclusively handcrafted fresh goat’s milk soap! All of their fresh goat’s milk soaps come from their family run farm. They also provide other organic skincare products that are handcrafted in Hong Kong. Capra Latte not only brings you the joy and indulgence of bathing and caring for your skin, but also cares for the environment.

Founded by Azure Lorraine, Capra Latte was born when Azure moved to Hong Kong and felt her skin being compromised by the stress and pollution here. After numerous skin irritations and allergies and being advised by doctors to stop using chemical based products, Azure invested her time in doing some intense research and found that Goat’s Milk has various advantageous properties for the skin (it was even used by Cleopatra!). It was then that she decided to make soap out of fresh goat’s milk as a genuinely natural, chemical-free and soothing skin care alternative to counter bought products. She uses only essential oils in the making process as they enhance well-being, unlike manmade fragrances. Ingredients, packaging and clients’ wellbeing are always her priority.  One thing led to another, she then started experimenting with organic skin care as well and her clients loved it!

Products and Price Range:

  • Organic soaps available from $90
  • Fresh goat’s milk soap $190/200g, bulk discount available for family purchase
  • Organic face care such as after sun, face serum, organic clay masks available from $120

About the Founder:
Azure Lorraine (Founder)
Founder, creative director, chief of design, soap artisan, handcrafter- she is the total package of what it takes to be an all-rounded entrepreneur. She has successfully launched and sustained her organic business because of her emphasis on quality, which has won her many local and expat clients. Her brands have always been focused on personal services, quality and environmental friendliness. In 2014, she launched Moonstruck, an organic perfume brand that offers fun, skin safe and unique perfume and lifestyle products. SkinPhase, is her latest work, a beauty kit which combines all essential ingredient to help your skin stay 22. She continues to expand her conceptual and organic beauty horizon across Asia.

Website: www.capralatte.com

Ph/Whatsapp: +852-53000548

E-Mail: info@capralatte.com

Social Media: www.instagram.com/capra.lattewww.facebook.com/capra.latte


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