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Outdoor Fitness


Products: Outdoor workout sessions
Price Range: Starting from HKD 200 per session/Personalized coaching available

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ApeFit is Hong Kong’s primal fitness group in the great outdoors. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, build strength or get back into shape – ApeFit is for you!. Designed by Linds Russell, the idea behind it is to escape the city, go back to nature and to a more primal style of working out as nature had originally meant it to be.

The ApeFit method is rooted in natural, functional and organic movements that target the entire body. Each workout lasts 60-minutes and begins with dynamic-animal movements to warm-up, followed by a total body cardio, strength and core work-out using body-weights and the surroundings and finally winds down with yoga stretches. Linds also specializes in barefoot running and coaching (trail running).

Started out by Linds in March 2013, the ApeFit team is as diverse as it gets. Right from stuntman to a home-maker, Yoga Teacher, an ex-military service personnel, an international high-jumper, to an ultra-terrain runner, in her 50’s who has recently completed a 200-Km run in Cambodia!! Linds is NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified and also has a degree in management and psychology. Linds works closely with her ApeTrainers to ensure workouts are suitable for all ApeFitters – whether you are new to exercise or a competitive athlete.

Don’t forget to e-mail – hello@ape.fit for a free trial before you sign up for your classes.

Sessions and Pricing

Group Sessions:
Your first session is FREE!
Package Options:
$200 –  1 session (drop-in)
$650 – 4 sessions (valid for 2 months)
$950 – 8 sessions (valid for 2 months)
$400 per month by direct debit (minimum 3 months purchase) – 12 sessions to be taken at any time over the 3 months.

Private Groups:
$800 – 1 x 60 min session
$7,500 – 10 x 60 min sessions
* Groups may have up to 5 members
* 10 session packages are valid for three months

Personal Fitness Coaching:
$800 – 1 x 60 min session
$7,500 – 10 x 60 min sessions
* 10 session packages are valid for three months

Linds Russell
E-Mail: hello@ape.fit
Website: http://ape.fit/

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