Hidden Truffles is HK’s first exclusive Online-Offline Platform that hand-picks and showcases the finest and tried-and-tested small entrepreneurial businesses of Hong Kong. Our aim is to identify and bring to spotlight these unique small and home businesses that do not receive enough attention and focus otherwise. We exclusively feature businesses that meet Hidden Truffles standards and prove to be passionate entrepreneurial businesses that are unique, innovative and add value to customers. Here is where HongKong can find the best businesses and connect with them directly.

We have helped launch several small businesses and have organised 5 successful bazaars so far in the heart of HK (Hollywood Road, Central) with each event gathering over 1000-1200+ customer footfalls. We have also organised multiple networking events in the past. We are constantly working on bringing new concept events and services that will benefit the small business ecosystem by leaps and bounds.

If you would like to join and get profiled on HiddenTruffles as a Featured Vendor please write to us for details. Upon meeting of the set of HT Entrepreneurial start-up criteria, you can join our band of Hand-Picked Featured Vendors! 

Our brand new upcoming event in May 2017 is, The BuckStarter – HK’s only Start-up pitch night for small & home business entrepreneurs. The BuckStarter HK is HiddenTruffles’ startup think tank program and conclave for HK’s finest small business entrepreneurs who do not receive enough focus in the startup circles. Through our program, we will provide the competition participants startup pitch guidance, mentoring sessions and a chance to pitch, validate and win the program with their ideas. We will focus on participants who are high-quality and unique creators and sustainers of products (and services) and who help in improving the quality of life and the local economy. Our mission is to help the entrepreneurs and aspirants by providing them the platform and exposure to connect with mentors, advisors, investors, potential partners, thought leaders and an opportunity for ample spotlight. 




SAI SUDHA, Co-Founder of HiddenTruffles, has completed her MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management, India and a specialisation short course at Harvard University. She believes that following one’s dreams and intuitions are more important than following books & theories.  You can email her at  sudha@hiddentruffles.com

ANASUA, Co-Founder of HiddenTruffles, has completed her MBA from Hong Kong University and under graduation from IIT, Bombay.  She loves life and believes true investments are the times spent on friends and not money spent on stocks. You can email her at anasua@hiddentruffles.com

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