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As we all know Hong Kong bedrooms usually are not very large, and even more so the kids’ bedrooms. Many parents are looking for ways to make a child’s bedroom look and feel more spacious. There are a few tips and tricks to enhance the space for your child.

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1. Vertical space. Making use of vertical space is a great way of creating more space in a room. In the photo, vertical shelving is used to store books and favorite toys without using any floor space. Think about the height for the shelves: make sure that books can be easily accessed by your child. Closed, small storage cabinets are also great to hang, for example above the baby crib. They can hold anything from clothes, to shoes and baby care items.

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2. Toddler beds. If your child is a toddler you might consider a toddler bed. Sometimes it seems as an unnecessary step, however, a toddler bed is a great space saving solution. It fits in smaller rooms and leaves more floor space for play. An additional advantage can be that the transition to a toddler bed might be easier, as the bed – often with a guard rail – feels more cosy for the child. If you are worried about the additional costs; there are some great options out there for toddler beds that extend into full sized single beds.

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3. Loft beds. If your child is a bit older (bunk beds or loft beds are usually recommended from 6 years) it might need desk space to write or do art work. A loft bed is a great solution because the desk doesn’t require any extra space at all! Usually a book case or wardrobe fits under the bed as well. The bed in the photo is part of the Ikea Stuva storage system range.

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4. Under bed storage. If your child is not ready for a loft bed or you are looking for something else, compact beds with cupboards underneath are a great storage and space saving solution. Even if you don’t want to invest in a different bed with cupboards underneath there are many solutions to create extra storage space. Rolling bins are great to store for example books and/or toys under the bed.

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5. Window desk. Usually a ‘dead space’ and great to create a desk. An additional advantage is that the view from a window desk is great and calming. And look at the extra storage space created in the bench!

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6. Fold down desk. Another great solution for creating a desk with little space is a fold-down desk. This type of desk hardly takes any space and can be used for many purposes as crafts and homework area.

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7. Storage. The secret here is that good storage and a tidy room make a room look bigger. Furthermore it makes it much easier for your child to find their toys and books (and store them away themselves).

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8. Drawing attention to the ceiling. This is an optical trick to make a room look larger. There are all kind of fun solutions for this: stickers, painting, pompoms and lanterns, to name a few. In the above image, the white lanterns are a great eye catcher and do make the space look larger.

Blog Writer: Laurian Voute ( Founder KidsID HK)

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